Led the art direction of a minimalistic brand refresh.
Senior Designer & Art Director

Art direction

Created and managed the art direction  of an elevated brand refresh which reflected the premium service McGrath offers.

The new brand guidelines included white space combined with stylistic imagery to reflect the minimalistic, clean and premium feel of the brand.

The brand refresh focused on more interactive and innovative digital content that pushed creative boundaries to stands out between real estate competitors. This included the art direction of animation including logo, type and video editing.

User Experience - Social media package
Designed to capture more of the property & allow a greater visualization of the property for an agent's audience
User Experience - Social media package
Designed with a new minimalistic, clean feel to align with the brand refresh
Reel - Video Editing
Reel - Promotional Content
Office Launch Campaign
The Block Collaboration Campgain
Included the design of signage, print and digital promotional collaboration content
Reel - Event Promotional content + video edit
Announcement  - Promo content to build excitement

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